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1339 E 55th St, Tulsa OK 74105

Tel: 918.398.8192

Monday-Friday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Fridays - by appointment only. 



Welcome to More About Us:

Has the Pandemic got you in a Panic and you're wondering what to do for school this fall?  Are you a parent looking for a better option for school for your teen?  Are you an Adult in need of a second-chance to finish your high school credits?  Do you struggle with health issues and other circumstances that have made it difficult to attend a traditional school?  There are many many reasons why students come to Tulsa Hope Academy.  We are here to help . 

Who are we?  We are a fully accredited, privately funded, tuition-free, faith-based secondary school (grades 8-12) with no upper age limit.  Wow, that's a mouthful!   For over 15 years we have served Tulsa's underserved to help them find a pathway to high school graduation and a diploma.  We are technology driven, but will adapt student learning based on individual input;  We are teacher-facilitated so the learning experience is engaging and interactive.; and we are student-centered because not everyone learns the same or is 'techy savvy'.  Want to know more or come for a tour?  Fill out the Contact form - We look forward to meeting you!